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July 2....

I'll be on a plane heading home to El Paso. Stay tuned.... maybe?


A survey of sorts, things you may not know about me. Enjoy:

Do you have any pets? --Nope :( I love cats and I miss my cat Ricky. I'm a very affectionate person and enjoy cuddling and petting cats almost as much as I do people. Although I don't pet people very often, I get weird looks.

What's your favorite sport?
--American Football, although Rugby is pretty awesome. I love to play a pick-up game of football, but its been a very long time since thats happened. Being last picked in a pick-up game and then rolling out and surprising a few people, thats always fun.

Do you enjoy sleeping late? --I'm a total morning person. I get so much done and I feel awesome waking up. Sometimes I do have to pull myself out of bed, but I'm usually up and around by about 7 every morning.

What's the weather like right now? --Hot and humid. Sticky weather is not fun. I miss the cool crisp breezes coming off the franklin mtns. in the fall.

Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up? --I actually am very fond of egg whites! I like hardboiled eggs too... zomg! devilled eggs rock my life to the point of absolute frenzy! hehe

Do you collect anything? If so, what? --Coins from foreign countries and .pdf's on anything knowledgable. Hehe I'm a spaz. I enjoy learning new languages and about cultures. Not to mention my fascination with superstring theory.

Are you reliable? --Very much so. I'm responsible and punctual. I don't like letting people down or being late. I'm a workaholic most of the time because I really enjoy doing a good job. I'm the employee you love to hate!

What's your favorite invention?
--The record player.. zamazing! And the computer. Nuff said.

What's your favorite day of the week and why? --Saturdays. I get more done and have more free time. I dislike Tuesdays. But I forget why. *shrug*

Do you have any nicknames? --Chang Noi= means baby elephant in Thai as I'm such an obese person compared to thai people. Hehe. And of course I was called Bob/bobby/Bobert in High school. Although no one has called me that in a very very long time.

What toothpaste do you use? --Colgate 12 hour something or other.

Do you enjoy challenges?
--I find myself complacent without a challenge and thats settling for something that goes against my nature. Challenge me please!!!

What do you want to know about the future? --Will the mavericks ever win the playoffs? Am I going to end up like Bridgette Jones, a clutz who is unsatisfied with a lot about herself and incapable of making a good decision? Renee Zellweger is a personal hero of mine. Good ol' Texas girl.

Would you rather have money or love? --Money is so insignificant when compared to love. A lifetime of happiness is invaluable. My ideal situation would be to live in a small house/apt/whatever wherever with the person I love in a cluttered house full of books, knick knacks, messily efficient and unorganized, with an ample supply of coffee, fruit and breads, with good music on 24/7 and no TV in sight. My heart is swelling just at the thought. Add a few kids to the picture and you have my home sweet home.

Do you miss anyone right now? --A lot of people... everyone I care about I miss them terribly. If I haven't hugged you or kissed you in the last week, consider yourself deeply missed.

What's the last sporting event you watched? --Muay Thai boxing on TV. I would love to train to do muay thai. Its an effective, fun, challenging workout and I know that I could excel in it. Or get my butt kicked, either or.

Do you need to do laundry? --Oh ya. I just can't bring myself to take the time to do it. I miss washing machines. Doing it by hand is just not fun anymore. Hehe

Where were you when 9/11 happened? --Playing wallball on the back of A building at andress. Hans told me. It was after the chinese took one of our airplanes and had the crew detained. Hans came to school saying that they were saying on the radio that the chinese were blowing up our buildings. We laughed at him and continued playing.

Have you ever caught a butterfly? --Yesterday actually. Rescued it from being eaten by a 4 year old.

What's your favorite fruity scent? --Strawberries. My favorite fruit is chompoo and pineapples.

Have you ever sat on a roof?
--Yes. Some of my better memories involves roofs. And the back of Hans's pickup truck with the whole gang there at various locations, playing truth or dare and pouring our hearts out. Also a good dinner at any random restaurant with the guys in dallas, bickering and bantering and all. I miss conversations.

Have you ever been to a different country? --O.O I lived in Germany when I was a kid and well now I live in Thailand. Easy enough. I would love to live in France, Japan, India and Brazil. I would love to visit Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and Korea.

Do you hold grudges? --I find myself incapable of holding grudges against anyone or anything. I actually like most people by default. The exception to the rule are people that 1.) Make other people feel stupid and 2.) Stupid people. Usually one and the same. But even then, I find it hard to hold a grudge against them.

What annoys you most in a person? --Laziness. I can only motivate an individual so much and if they are too lazy to accept my motivation, it really makes me feel like they're letting themselves down. You have to have a sense of self and live up to that sense and not settle for something less.

Are you right or left handed? --Right handed, but I'm attempting to teach myself the leftway too. I've been inactively attempting this for the last 3 years. Haha. And I still suck!

Do you have any siblings? --I have a beautiful sister and a wonderful brother. I haven't ever been big on family, but I'm hoping to be better when I make it home. I've never really been there for my siblings or my parents. Its a goal that I have now.

What is you middle name? --Dawn. :) Krystal Dawn I feel like a fairy or a stripper sometimes. :P

Are you for or against gay marriage? --I'm for allowing people to be themselves. I don't think its right to forbid people from expressing themselves. You don't yell at a child for coloring outside the lines on his coloring book, because it really doesn't matter. Its how he colors, its what he does and its not wrong. You don't tell a gay person that they can't marry some one they love because its wrong. Its not wrong, its just their style.

What are your thoughts on abortion? --I couldn't do it, but I won't stop you from doing it. I'm actually terrified of suffering the fate of my mother and having miscarriages. I couldn't actively kill any of my offspring, regardless of the situation, because I may never be able to have children again after that. Its a fear I've had for a long time.

What is the last law you’ve broken? --Driving the wrong way on a street, on the wrong side of the road, on a stolen motorbike, without a helmet to get to a job that I'm not legally allowed to be doing. :) That was this morning.

Where were you born? --FT. Sill, Oklahoma, USA

Where do you wish you were?
--Wherever you are.. :)

Isn’t walking in the leaves romantic? --Very! The leaves don't fall off the trees in Chiang Mai and there isn't much of a fall season. But I would give anything to be walking through the falling leaves right now. It would put a smile on my face comparable only to the smell of honeysuckle and chasing lightning bugs/fireflies.

Do you like taking pictures? --I take horrible pictures if I'm the subject in the picture. I've only ever had one good picture taken in my life! The others were the best of the bad pictures. :P But I do like taking pictures, as long as i'm not in them. Oddity's and random shots are fun. I like photoshop and tinkering.

Do you like coloring? --I'm contemplating buying a coloring book and coloring the whole thing! Its nostalgic and its fun.

Are you shy? --I used to think I was when I was younger. But then something happened and I realized I wasn't shy, just waiting for my chance to bust out. I've been described as a person who isn't necessarily friendly, but who is really nice. And I agree with that description. I won't go out of my way to make your acquaintance, but if you ever need anything, I've got your back. Once you are my friend though, omg, I'll drive you nuts with my talking, mindless babbling that it is.

How many e-mails do you have? --I'm guilty of having a new email addy once every year or so. I have 2 that I actively check, 1 as a backup, 1 for official business and 1 as a decoy. I'm not paranoid, or hiding from anyone or anything. I just change my online identity... a lot. :P

Do you like cotton candy?
--I was going to pick cotton candy as my favorite fruit smell earlier, but then i realized it wasn't a fruit. It smells soooo good though. And it tastes like clouds should taste. :)

What is your favorite season?
--Autumn. When the trees change colors and the leaves start falling, the weather makes you wear warm comforting clothes and fall colors are so appealling to me. Kind of a recurring theme in this survey.

Well thats me. If you want to let me konw whats up with you, email me somethings I might not know about you, or message me on msn:, or on myspace: