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So yeah we got us a place for rent. I haven't had an opportunity to take pictures yet, but its nice. Its one of the nicest houses i've been in. Its kind of like a townhouse, as its part of a building with other houses, but its humungous. Not sure what the square footage is but, its four stories with 3 official bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big living room, 2 patios, a great view of Doi Suthep (the mountain), a big kitchen/dining room, and a big second living room we've converted into the game room.

Unfortunately its unfurnished so we are gradually buying pieces of furniture. We already bought the necessities... beds, chairs, computer, computer desks and ping pong table.. haha! Its got hard wood floors and really beautiful stairs. We're paying the outrageous price of 10,000 baht, or 270 US dollars... Eat your heart out.

I'll get pictures once we get everything settled. We're in the process of buying articles of furniture for the first floor to make it look professional so we can begin to give our private english lessons and make some money. I've also began to put my resume and application out there so i can get a j-o-b at an english school. See how that goes. No qualifications or experience to speak of, HIRE ME! haha.

Ok well its been raining for 4 days straight now, so i have to brave the storm back to the crib. Hopefully i won't get too soaked. If i don't post for a few days, assume i'm still drying off.



Well for the last two days we have been trekking up the mountain here in chiang mai to visit the various temples. When I say trekking I mean riding our bikes. It was so much fun the first day we went, the weather was cool, the sun was setting and it was all so new and exciting. We went almost to the top which took us quite a while on the bikes, shifting gears and downshifting. Eventually we did make it to one of the highest points. We were in the clouds! No lies, they were floating around us.
We thought since we had so much fun the day before, we should try going back there yesterday. Well we probably waited too long and sooner than expected the sun had set. And then... I crashed my bike.. :( I have an owee on my arm. Luckily I wasn't going very fast so it didn't hurt, but i did mess up the bike a bit. We got to the same point where we were at the day before and took more pictures, but it was much foggier and we couldn't see anything. Oh well, it was still fun. I have to regain my confidence in my own driving abilities though, still a lil woozy and wet behind the ears. :P
Oh well short blog for now, check out my pictures at :) A few of the pictures we took are wallpaper/desktop worthy! :P

Thai Fly


I went to blog and post my happy birthdays to everyone that had a birthday within the last couple of days only to find that for some reason google had stopped working. And since google bought out blogger, that meant that blogger was not working either. :( But here i am never fear all is well...

So to that Happy Birthday Kyle and Happy Birthday Phillip!

This weekend we went to a bowling alley at the mall. I was bowling fairly decently, I was actually quite surprised. But the one thing about bowling is that it does get old quickly. So after 3 games we decided it was time to go. We paid the bill went to get our shoes so we could leave when the problems started.

First the girl that is staying with us, Mook, found out that her shoes had been misplaced. Meaning they probably, upon having their bowling shoes back in their posession, gave her shoes to some one else. They weren't any fancy special shoes or anything, just brown flip flops, but for some reason the person that got the shoes decided they were worth taking. So we were ready to go and couldn't leave because the thai people couldn't work out a deal with her shoes. And then... the power goes out.. to the whole mall. The lights, backup lights, everything. We were thrown into pitch black. Eventually the generators kicked in and there was one or two lights on, but you can imagine that that is not nearly enough light for an entire bowling alley.

The thai worker decided that since we were in the mall he would just go with us to the first dept store and buy mook a pair of shoes. Good deal... unfornuately for us and that idea, the mall was closed... and still out of power. So we were stuck in the front of the mall with this thai guy who didn't know what to do, mook with no shoes and us in the dark, literally. The workers friend ends up showing up and instantly falls head over heels for mook and starts flirting. It would have been alright if it wasn't about to rain. So we were sitting there while they were all having fun and it was drizzingly. Eventually mook comes with us to the motorbikes, and when we look down at her feet, she's wearing the shoes of the workers friend. Romantically sweet that he would give her his shoes. But that was only a fleeting thought, because of mook's flirtations we now had to ride the 3 miles back to the guest house in pouring rain.

It was an eventful night to say the least.

Since then though, not so much has happened. We're desperately trying to find a place to stay and not having much luck. We'll get it straightened out, its just taking a little longer than i would like...

Til we meet again


I had a root canal yesterday.. I don't know how it goes in the states, but that thing was wild! A lot of blood and bone extraction, I didn't think my jaw could do a 180 like that. Just kidding, it was painfully long, not very painful because they jabbed me with this 3 foot long needle before hand that had me feel like my face was made of puddy. :) Haha Fun times. It went well and i got pain medicine and antibiotics to treat the infection that was causing the pain.

Its pretty wild the way our day plays out. We get up and eat 3-5 times a day, speeds up the metabolism and whatnot, and spend a couple hundred baht on that, and then we play out the day just doing nothing but walking around, going to the mall or lounging in the hotel room. But at night omg (oh my god/gosh). It gets pretty wilder. We start the party at about 11-12 because thats when the bar scene gets good. We go to a pool hall called sharkys and challenge a few of the locals. Ok we all know I suck at pool, so I don't ever play but they have chang beer for cheap there. Then we go across the moat, yes a moat, and go to a club called spicys. Now in Dallas I wasn't much of a dancer, I danced but i never thought I was any good. Luckily for me none of the thai people, men or women, know how to dance! Haha it makes me look so awesome! haha. So needless to say brian and I are the best dancers on the dancefloor. So swell we are, everyone buys us drinks. Good times. So whenever we do go out we only spend another couple hundred baht. I feel at this rate I will have to get a job sooner than i thought. Haha.

The guesthouse that we are staying at is very nice and we pay 350 baht for the room or $9.50 per day. It is near some really good places to eat. There is actually an outside restaurant attached to the guest house that is very good. When we are in our lounging period I try to brush up on my thai. Here's what I got:
I'm fine. But last week I had a little bit of a toothache.
Ok so maybe I took that straight out of the book, but I did know 4 or 5 of those words. And that easily took me 10 minutes to write that one sentence. This keyboard is soooo confusing. Haha . Ok well I'm gonna go wake everyone up so we can go play! But I will blog tomorrow and maybe post pictures... who knows! Not I!!


The downside...

I have tried my hardest to just write my blogs as things occur and I think in doing so I just jot down what stood out in my mind the most. Which unfortunately was all the positive aspects. Now time for the nitty gritty. Thailand is awesome, don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast and truly enjoying myself. But obviously there is something more to the story... and here it is.

The people here are all sooooo nice. They adore farang. But they adore farang money more. I am constantly on my toes because I do not want to be taken, and that makes it a little hard to relax. Of course its not like a constant battle of haggling prices, but i know what the shady one's intentions are. Steer clear... :P

Another drawback is, as we all know, I am not a petite individual. I am big vertically and volumptuous. So unfortunately for me, I have not been able to find any clothes that fit here. Its a very sad situation walking through the mall and seeing the cutest and I mean the cutest clothes on the planet and not being able to buy any of them. My shoe size apparently does not exist, their XL size is equivalent to a US medium. The shirts fit, but barely. So I think I am going to undergo plastic surgery to remove my butt, chest, thighs, toes and one inch of bone from every limb. I will let you know how that goes.

The biggest issue for me right now is my tooth. I am in the worst pain on the planet at the moment because I did not listen to good advice and get my tooth fixed when i was in the states. Now it is just not a filling that I need, but a root canal as well. Plus in the last two nights the wisdom tooth behind the tooth I need fixed, has come out almost entirely. It is a constant gnawing pain that is there every second. I cannot eat very fast or very much.. so this is not necessarily an issue with Thailand, but it sucks so bad.. i had to blog about it.

BUT, I still love it here. Why would I base my opinion of a country based off of a few inconveniences? I wouldn't. So neither should you. That is why I am formally inviting everyone to come and play with me in thailand. It will be worth the 20 hour plane ride and the 12 hour train trip to come to chiang mai in the month of March fo Songkran (google it) the worlds largest water fight!!! Plus you can help ring in the thai new year... of the year 2050! Woohoo! :P

Ok well I am thankfully on my way to the dentist right now to either get som bad-butt drugs, which i can probably just buy at the pharmacy, or to get my tooth taken care of. Either way, I may be out of it for a few days, so do not expect a post from me.

Kisses and Bugs.

P.s. I did the Kick Push Coast dance for you Say-Tay-Rah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!!


Yesterday we woke up fairly early (if there are any typos in this post it is because the keyboard i am using is retarded.) The normal routine of getting up is showering, going to get some breakfast, almost getting abducted by renegade taxi drivers, and then waking everyone else up a few hours later. Well yesterday we did things differently. After we ate breakfast, we skipped the abduction part, and willingly asked a taxi driver to take us to the Bangkok zoo. So we spent the morning meandering about, I got some great pictures and will upload them soon. It was really fun. The animals were still mostly asleep because it was only into the late morning when we went, but it was still really neat. We rented a water boat that is pedal-powered and pedaled throughout the lake and creeks.

We got back and did the norm of eating shopping eating shopping lounging. When it got time to get to the train station, in true hilleman/dinsdale fashion we only had 45 minutes to get there. We assumed it would be enough time, but unforseen to us was the random Japanese Concert and Convention the popped up in front of the mall. It was a desperate struggle to get taxis to take us to the train station but eventually we made it there with little time to spare. Well enough time for the attendant to tell us that we would be taking the train to lampoong instead of chiangmai. This is because of a traincrash that happened earlier this week, that i so carefully failed to mention so nobody would worry. Haha we're fine, besides the point though. So the track between lampoong and chiangmai was still being cleared of the wreckage so as soon as we got to Lampoong we were ushered onto a bus with about 40 other farang(foreigners) and sent on a 2 hour trip to chiangmai.

The train ride was really neat, I'm glad it was at night because i'm not sure i would want to know the condition of some of the rickety bridges we crossed over. I slept peacefully and when i was woken up this morning by a guy selling orange juice (the train food was ridiculously expensive! 130 baht for a big beer... thats insane!!!) I had a hard time realizing where exactly i was.

And here i am, refreshed and showered, wellfed and playing on the internet. The boys just rented scooters and are on their way to abducting me. Til' I write again. Kisses and bugs.