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So here's a much needed update.
I'm in school, taking six hours, and working fulltime.
Not too much of a change...

Accept, I think I've found my Kimmy Gibbler. My Barney Rubble.
My significant another. And it rocks the socks.

Her name is Katherine. She is amazing and inspiring and well,
My Soul Mate.

Updating my pics soon.

I know that I hinted at the possibility of maybe having a few interesting adventures to share with you, but lets face it. There really isn't anything exotic about El Paso. The continuing adventures of Thai-fly are paling in comparison to the previous journeys, but damn't! I'm going to do something amazing! Something worth blogging about! ITS GONNA ROCK THE CASBAH! Ok, maybe not so much, but lets just set some goals for ourselves. Ahem:

1. Go hiking in the mountains
2. Attend more concerts
3. Make new friends
4. Somehow manage to juggle friends, family and *sigh* a love life
5. Do something different every day

And unnecessarily need I mention, blog more? We'll see how that turns out.