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My apologies for being delinquent in my updating of This Little Diet of Mine.  Unfortunately, I was besot with school stress, new job stress, and the likes and could not find an available opportunity to blog.

Well, that and I stopped dieting.

BUT! To go along with my experimenting, we can look at last week through the binoculars of scientific theory.

I go on diets, I lose weight.  I get off diets, I gain weight back.


In all seriousness, I enjoyed being under 195 for all of six days.  Then it was back up the scale I went.  196 is my current weight. Bummer.

I did, however, participate in a 5k race, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, yesterday.

My time was horrible! 1:08:45
But it gives me a good angle to go on to try and push myself harder for the El Paso Marathon coming up in two weeks! 10k race for me.  If I can get in at under 2 hours, I will be more than happy.  Come on blubber body, don't fail me now.

I have realized that this apologetic blog post has turned into a bit of a blabbering mess, so I will bring you back to the regularly scheduled blogpost.  Rest assured I will do my best this week to take my diet, exercise, and health seriously.


One Size Fits All?

Or does it?

That's the real trick to these diets, isn't it? Try >MY< diet plan in the next ten minutes, and you'll loose weight in the next five minutes...

Okay so I am exaggerating, not all the fad diets out there are like that, but if you really think about it there are a lot of diets out there that make assumptions about how your body is going to respond to the foods you eat. There are of course some inevitable truths out there (sorry, there is no krispy

Six Day Body Makeover

Six Day Body Makeover
Can you see results in less than a week?

Just think, six days from now you could be one size smaller. And, the best part is that you can keep off the weight. That's the proposed benefit of the 6-Day Body Makeover. The key to this unique diet is personalization. Developed by Michael Thurmond, 6-Day Body Makeover adapts to meet the needs of your metabolism. You could lose up to one pound each day.

Having been featured on the hit TV program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the country has had a front-row seat to meet the man behind 6-Day Body Makeover.

6-Day Body Makeover is the express-lane version of Michael's 6-Week Body Makeover. You'll be working to ramp up your metabolism and cut calories quickly, so you'll be eating quite a lot more food than usual. And by more than usual, Michael will have you eating about six meals daily.

To begin the 6-Day Body Makeover, you'll learn your individual body type, how your body manages what you're eating, and how your metabolism breaks it all down, with the assistance of Thurmond's Body Type Blueprinting System. Your meals for the 6-Day plan will come from the Blueprint. Also, be prepared to follow your own Body Sculpting Routine, exercise that shouldn't take more than 18 minutes each day.
Krystal Says:  This is awesome! I get to eat again! Delicious chicken breast, turkey, leafy greens! I'm loving this! Plus I get to exercise again without feeling as if I'm about to die.  How cool is this diet?  But seriously, this diet promotes a truly healthy lifestyle.  I'm going to have no problems sticking to this diet. BRING IT ON!
• Attainable exercise goals
• Rational eating plan

• People should not be fixated on a quick-fix routine

Self-motivation is key to the 6-Day formula. So come prepared and hungry. You'll consume low-cal meals with daily caloric intake not exceeding 1,200 calories, but you'll make up for it with a lot of protein. Your diet will consist of meat, egg whites, fish, fresh veggies and some fruit. With protein servings about four ounces and plenty of leafy greens, persistence will lead you to your smaller size after just six days.

Daily exercise routine that lasts about 18 minutes.

Customization is the key to this plan. Michael Thurmond realizes that one size doesn't fit all. That, with a light daily workout routine and well-balanced nutrition, makes this plan very doable. Just don't get hung up on short-term results.

Breatharian Diet--Recap

What a week.

Quite possibly the longest week in the history of weeks.

Started a new internship.  Schoolwork really piled on.  Received an offer to continue my work with GECU.

To top it all off... no food.

I did really well on this diet.  I put my whole heart and mind into it and when I wanted to call it quits, I just kept going.  Well, for the most part.  I did eat a banana on friday, had a couple cups of coffee and juice... but a whole week without a meal?! I have never gone to such extremes before.

Would I recommend this diet?

Absolutely not.

Would I recommend some one not eating for a day or two?

That one I would have to say yes to.  For the simple fact that it rewired my appetite.  24 years of eating when its time to eat, instead of when I'm hungry, I forgot what it means to be truly hungry.  To eat for fuel and not just for the act of eating.  It put me in touch with my body and after the first three days more in touch with my mind.  I think psychologically my brain was running in overdrive for two reasons.  1.) To keep "itself" from thinking about how hungry my body was and 2.) The lack of calories and nutrients might have confused "it".

While I would never recommend something that could possibly harm some one else, I say if you're able to  fast for a day or two or even the unseemly 6 days I experimented, go for it.

I rate this diet 4 out of 10, for the sole fact that it encourages you to not drink water or eat anything.  The not eating I can handle... not drinking is a whole other story.

Next week... Six Day Body Makeover! BRING IT ON!!!!

Breatharian Diet

Breatharian Diet
A dangerous diet that risks your health and life.
When it comes to dieting, nothing comes close to the extreme nature of the Breatharian Diet. Believers claim that only fresh air, which contains the life force prana, and sunlight are needed for survival and that food and water should be avoided. This esoteric practice, followed by those wanting to heighten their spirituality, has little to do with dieting for the sake of losing weight; although a few believers do attest to the health benefits and lightness of body that ensues after extended periods of fasting. The Breatharian Diet, also referred to as Inedia, has been linked to numerous deaths by devout Breatharians who perished from dehydration or hypothermia. While short periods of fasting has long been done for spiritual, religious, political or health reasons, the Breatharian Diet is an extreme practice that is vehemently rejected by the medical and health communities.

Krystal says: Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. No food for a whole week. You've gotta be kidding me?! I get spoiled on the Chocolate Diet with pasta, popcorn, and chocolate... and now not only am I losing all of those great treats but you're taking away bland salads, grilled chicken, brown rice, and well everything else deemed 'Healthy'!? The Breatharian diet should be renamed the Anorexic Diet from Hell. I'm gonna do my best, even though my co-blogger Panda hates the thought of this one. I'm gonna throw my own esoteric-ism into the mix as well. I think it's called "Fasting", right? You'll have to excuse me if I take a break from riding my bike this week. BRING IT!

• Small periods of supervised fasting have shown limited health benefits

• Very dangerous
• Can eventually lead to death
• Goes against not just common sense but basic human physiology as well

Breatharian believers consume no food or water for extended periods of time while some may consume small amounts of water, tea or coffee.

Strenuous exercise is generally avoided by those following the Breatharian Diet.

While many diets are criticized for being too extreme, nothing can come close to matching the stringency of The Breatharian Diet - an esoteric practice in which believers abstain from food and water and subsist solely on breath and sunlight. While fasting is often done on a short term basis for a number of different reasons, given the danger and impracticality of the Breatharian Diet, one is very hard pressed to find anything redeeming about it.