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Thai Delicacies...

So over the course of being here in Thailand I have had the delightful opportunities to try some new things. There is of course the delicious Thai food, which i will miss when the time comes to leave Thailand.

Rice is in everything, and I wouldn't want it any other way. And of course chicken and mushrooms and sauces. Its incredible.

But then again, you do get those rare opportunities to try things that you normally wouldn't get the chance to try. Or want the chance to try. Here's a small list of the few things that i have found myself putting past my lips...

1. Chicken Feet- This is boiled in sauce until the meat falls of the bone. And yes there is meat to chicken feet. If it is boiled long enough it has a fatty texture to it and a chicken taste. Not that it tastes like chicken, but since chicken tastes like everything, then it doesn't really have a taste at all. You eat it whole, so beware the bones! Score: 5/10 It was OK and I'd have it again, but i wouldn't go out of my way to eat another one.

2. Deep-Fried Grubs- A weird sort of thing to eat while out having a beer, but that's what i found myself doing. These little guys are quickly fried so that their outsides are crispy and there insides are nonexistent. Had the taste and the texture of a Cheeto with no cheese. Score: 6/10 I wouldn't ever find myself craving them, but...

3. Fried Crickets- If you can get past the legs and the antennae and the texture of the head and body, you might be able to enjoy them. I could not. I tried swallowing them whole at first, I've only ate a handful or so, but that wasn't possible and i found one stuck in my throat. So you have to crunch them, which was too much for me. Score: 3/10 I will do my best to avoid eating these guys just for the nauseating factor alone.

4. Sauteed Grubs- These little guys aren't deep fried. But mixed with an oily sauce and cooked like you would a mushroom. They are still hard, but soft on the inside, which wasn't my cup of tea. If I'm gonna eat a bug, it had better be a bug that doesn't make me think I'm eating a bug. Score: 3/10 If you eat it, you can swallow it whole, I wouldn't recommend chewing these guys.

So that's that. I'll let you know what else I happen to digest. Purposefully that is. I'm sure since I've been down here I've ate a million and one ants, flies or other bug particles. Reminds me of Taco Cabana. Hahaha.