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Tisket the Tasket...

Thats a comic I drew at work of something that happened to me at work and then scanned it at work and am now writing my blog about it at work. I love my job and prepositional phrases.

A sentence sentence sentence is complete complete complete when five simple rules it meets meets meets. It has a subject subject subject and a verb verb verb it makes sense sense sense with every word word word. Add a capital letter letter and an end mark mark, now we're finished and aren't we smart, now our sentence has all its parts! Remember! Subject, Verb, Complete Sense, Capital letter and an End mark mark that's what a sentence all about.

I'm looking forward to the end of finals. Maybe starting a plan to getting back into the swing of things. And thanks to a few outside influences, welcoming God and his plan back into my life. Not thumping the bible, but maybe reading and sharing his word.