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A new month, A new revision

So I have been late in welcoming April in and kicking March out. But you know, its all about starting fresh and anew and tackling my budget to make sure I am maximizing my money... well, to the max.

I've reworked and tweaked and added and removed and planned and planned and I think I have settled on a good plan. Settled enough that I have it laminated, color coded and in my purse at all times.

In doing my planning, revising, and budgeting I came to the conclusion that short term goals should be incorporated within longterm goals. My ultimate goal is to do the best that I can in this competition, so I plan and budget for the remainder of the year even though every month I've revised and edited. This is a good guage at what I've accomplished, what I need to work at and where I should be when everything is over.

I'll have to admit though, I'm more stressed about money than I was when I was super in debt. I think about it nonstop, worry that I'm spending too much, fretting over the little things I've yet to curb and bang my head against the roof of my car as I'm filling up. Not knowing how the other competitors are doing is also something that fills me with dread, even though I know that i'm my biggest competitor in this challenge. I will make or break myself regardless of what anyone else is doing.

So take in hand my budget of money and add to it a budget of time, food, gas, luxuries and addictions. Budgeting is for maintenance and wellbeing. If my budget is well established, financially my bank account will be well-maintained. Establishing a budget for the other intricacies of life will boost my monetary budget as well as my efficiency, physical appearance and dependency on outside addictions.

Now if only I can figure out a stable way of putting a life budget into practice... sounds like a rigorous schedule to me... what else do I have to do though?