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Making Friends and Struggling To Do So

It hs been said about The Goddess that she is not particularly friendly, but she sure is nice.  It's not a bad combination, in truth, just means that she is loyal to a fault in her social awkwardness and unable to make fast friendships.  It could be much worse, let's say she could be very friendly but not very nice, for instance.  In the end, she doesn't think it's a raw deal.

Although, when it comes to making new friendships in a foreign land (of the kilted ones), you may be able to spot how this could be a problem.  The Goddess tried acquainting herself with the friends of The Kilted One, but in the end was unable to form any attachment.  Probably because they are all kilted blokes themselves, but who's to really say.

So she took other measures to allign herself with the foreigners and tod o her best to make friendly.  Such futile efforts included joining up with Weight Watchers, sweating it out in Zumba classes, and even such desperate forations into the pubs (underbelly of the land of the kilted ones) it all came to nought.  While The Goddess lost some weight and developed a fondness for Scottish ale and Zumba, no bonds of friendship was established.

The Goddess was perturbed at the results and racked her brain for a few days until the answer came to her quite literally at her fingertips.


After a quick smack upside her head she began networking with and and VOILA! The Goddess set her lure into the great ocean that is social networking and waited for the fish to bite...

And waited...

Ate her weight in chocolate and waited still.

After all hope was lost (and all weight lost was regained) I lone email arrived.  A friendly Scottish Goddess was interested in making her acquaintance.  In the Scottish Goddess's entourage included an Irish Goddess and well... the rest is history.

The Bad Joke was formed!  The Bad Joke you ask? Well yes... surely every bad joke begins with an Irishman, Scottishman, and an American walk into a bar...

Lesson to be learned?  Friendships cannot be forced and character flaws (as nice as they may be) cannot prevent true friendship from taking root.  The Goddess doesn't know where she would be without her court of hilarity in this land of the kilted ones.

All she knows is that friendship is a great and powerful thing and she counts herself truly blessed to have found such amazing people in the ocean of life.