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Ack yahoo!

Well yahoo is down here so I cannot check my email. :( So I will have to check it some other time, don't know when. We leave for ChiangMai tomorrow by train, so I will take thousands of pictures of the scenery as it passes by. We got batteries for the camera but they are not camera batteries, just regular panasonic so they wear out very fast.

When I get the chance I will upload them to my Flickr account.

Still suffering from jetlag, ran into more rats yesterday because it was raining and the new hotel we are staying at is right next to a construction site. I have found out that the life in bangkok is a constant thing. It never stops. It rained last night, so construction halted for 3 hours, but resumed again at 3 o'clock this morning. Its now 10:30 and it is still going strong. When we got here it was just a few steel beams and four concrete walls.. It is now a two story structure with elaborate twists and turns. I will take a picture to show you what can be accomplished in 4 days of nonstop construction.

Danny has a friend named Mook that is traveling with us to Chiang Mai. She is really really funny and I am looking forward to forcing her to teach me thai for the 10 hours we are on the train. Google a map of Thailand and you will see how far bangkok is from Chiang Mai, just so you can get an idea of how far we are traveling... for 950 baht a person in first class cabins. (27 dollars a person)

Ok well I have 2 minutes and 40 seconds left on my internet card. Missing you all.