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We did soooo much yesterday it was insane. We got up fairly early and went across the street and had some fried rice and fried noodles. Big plate of food, I took pictures but still can't upload them to the internet, and good drinks.. it cost 125 baht. Not bad. We went back to the mall, which I am very much tired of by now and walked around. We bought a wall charger for the ipod 550 baht and i bought a really cute butterfly belt for 220 baht. We then went to a japanese food restaurant and ate a monstrous meal, i also have pictures, for an insane price of 330 baht, the most we have spent on food to date. We then came back and met up with the boys, went back to the mall and rampaged the arcade. They decided they were hungry so they sat down to eat again.. I couldn't fit anything else in my stomach, haha. We walked around and then decided to stop and get some coffee, 40 baht, i had the mocha glacier. Its chocalate chip ice cream scooped into a cup of iced mocha sweet-heavenly stuff... puts frappucino's to shame.

We then decided we wanted to go back to the room and chill. We did that for a little bit and decided we wanted to go out. We went to a road called nana and played some pool. 460 baht for 5 games of pool and 2 pitchers of beer... way too expensive! (for thailand). From there we were just going to get a little snack and call it a night, already had 12 hours of mall time and eating yikes!, but we got sidetracked by our guide and ended up on khao san road. If you have seen the movie ong bak, thats where we were. We took pictures and walked around. Thats when i met Rotiboy. Rotiboy is a thai pastrie/bread thing that is flat and square and stuffed with either egg or banana. It is topped with a milk topping and it is by far the best thing i have ever eaten. Sweet and delicious and oh sooooooo good. 20 baht.

I feel like I did nothing but eat and eat and eat and eat some more all day yesterday. But we leave for chiangmai tonight by train. I was hoping for some beautiful pictures of the scenery but if it is nighttime, I won't get the opportunity. But i will get to sleep and work on my jetlag. Fun times!

So nothing new to report, nothing exciting happened, just good ol fashioned fun.


p.s. 37 baht=1 dollar. :)


david says:
at: September 17, 2006 at 1:19 PM said...

hey,krystal whats up its kayla im not doing anything but what r u doing is tiyland fun?