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Ummm, what now?...

Remember a few blogs back, I let you all know about all the bad things that had gone on? Well then I started working again and had a rocking halloween night, things were ok. I was optimistic, things could only get better.... wrong.

Lets put things in a chronological order of least affective to most affective.

I don't make enough money. haha, i know thats not really a problem, but I had to start with something. I work for an hour and a half twice a week and six hours on the weekend. I have committed myself to doing this for the next 10 weeks at least. I make seventy dollars a week. Oh em gee. I have to dedicate myself to going to sleep early, waking up early, preparing lessons all to work for 9 hours and make 70 bucks.

Ok ok like I said thats not a problem, just annoying. A real problem is the fact that some one in this house is stealing money from us. That some one I can guarantee you is not Brian, Danny nor myself. So that leaves yet another fun loving thai girl that keeps taking advantage of us. In total at least 3000 baht has come up missing. Which isn't that much, but when you're money supply is dwindling away and you only make 3000 a week and your rent is 10,000, you need every "baht ya got".

So money problems, ya ya, everyone has money problems. Lets talk about something else. Oh how about the piece of trash bicycle I bought to get around town on? The one that the chain keeps popping off of, the metal keeps grinding into the tire, with the screws that have fallen out. I will never buy anything already assembled from a thai superstore, again. Doesn't matter if its a bicycle or a lampshade. That bike is junk now. The screw that was holding the chain plate in fell out and the chain having fallen off its track, lost a link connector and wedged itself very firmly on the outer metal rim of the bike. Its hard to describe, just know that its in such a position i would have to break the chain off in order to remove it from its stronghold on the bike.

Also thats not necessarily a problem... not a problem in the least.

What is a problem is the rental bike we had been renting, getting stolen from out in front of a nightclub. Yes that is a definite problem. It would have been better if they had stolen the bike and it was actually ours. But it wasn't.. so now we have to deal with the police and the bike owner. And if the bike is never recovered then we'll have to pay for it. Anywhere from 250 dollars to 1,500 dollars. Who knows, its all up to the bike owners descretion. Which is horribly unfair. But ya, thats the jist of it.

So now I can say optimistically that things will look up from here, they cannot get any worse. I know thats when something bad happens in any dramatic movie, but honestly it just gets to a point where it cannot get any worse...