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Happy Halloween...

New pictures!

So should I start off with the small talk or the serious stuff? I guess i can get the serious stuff out of the way and end it all on a happy note.

So London House has once again snagged me into their staff. I work at London House Saturdays and Sundays for 3 hours a day teaching the same range i was before. And thats fine, I enjoyed those classes and the students so I was happy with that. And then I was offered another position... teaching at a school.. not at london house... and teaching... Kindergarten.

Its 2 days a week 1 1/2 hours a day in a small school in the middle of a rice field, very rare to see in chiang mai city, not far from my house. So now i get the luxury of dealing with 20-30 raging terrors and attempt to teach them english. This is going to be fun. And highly illegal as i don't have a TEFL certificate or a Bachelors Degree. But oh well, i won't get in trouble.

So thats the serious stuff. Now lets have some fun!

Yesterday was Halloween, maybe where you are you're still partying as its 5:30 p.m. here, hopefully one of you has what it takes to party for 8 hours straight Halloween night!! Haha.

Well in true farang spirit we did dress up, with what we had. Brian went as a Vampire without teeth, Danny went as a "key" "nok" (a keynok is a type of farang that runs around in hippie clothes that don't quite fit them to well and looking very raggedy) which directly translated means "bird sh*t", and I went as the ever charmingly handsome Todd.

Now apparently there lies dormant inside me a beast. A beast of a man raging to get out and throw around some testosterone goodies! And so when i doned on my halloween costume, the beast awoke. And nothing was the same again.

It started out good we all went up to Milk Zone (the trendy restaurant/maltshop we go to eat at every night) and gave our waiters a good laugh, some not recognizing that i was the same girl before. I caught many a woman's eye last night! haha.

Then we went out and surprised a few more friends and made our way to a bar we'd never been to before to meet some other friends.. and blah blah blah. We ended up drinking and taking a few pictures and then headed out to our final destination.. Hot Shot!

Hot Shot isn't a club and its not a bar. Its a place you go to drink and watch entertainers and impersonators and have a good time. And then when the entertainers are done performing, you dance in between the aisles of tables. Its always fun, even though they all sing the same songs and i can do the dance moves to one, on command by now, how many times i've seen it.

But last night it was dressed up very nicely and all the performers were wearing costumes and it was very spooked out.

Halfway into the usual routine they had a group of bouncers go on stage and start doing drawings for tables to win bottles of whiskey. We waited excitedly to see if our tables numbers would be called, but luck wasn't on our side. That is until they announced the costume contest...

Of course Brian was ushered on stage by Sa and Mook. And I followed afterwards. They helped Brian up but didn't even attempt to help me over the ledge separating the stage from the floor 3 feet below. But I didn't think anything of it and then got on stage. I was the first in the line, but instead of coming to me and asking my name and where i was from first they went to the person beside me, which was Brian.

It was then that I realized they thought i was just some Farang man on stage!!! They didn't even know I was in a costume. So when eventually they got around to asking me where I was from, I said in the best girlie voice i could come up with "America" and I almost thought the announcer was going to faint. He did a double take and then stood there babbling in thai on the mic. All the girls in the audience cheered and it was really hilarious.

Now unfortunate for everyone else on the stage the winner was decided by audience vote. And in order to influence the audience, there was a dance off. Now this is where Todd took over. There are no pictures because the camera was in my pocket but you'll just have to take my word for it that no man had danced as awesome as Todd had danced on that stage. I think I can quote danny on saying later that I-- "..opened a can on them".

And so when it came down to the judging, it was no contest. The prize, a giant bottle of whiskey! We ended up mingling with the girls at the table next to ours and drinking the night away. We would have continued the party onto another club, but we were all pretty worn out.

So that ends the story of Todd and of Halloween and of dance contests that have no pictures...


Carole says:
at: November 18, 2006 at 8:58 PM said...

HI krystal- i can not believe that is u in those pics,,,kinda scary..LOL we miss yall.. love to all...Michele