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6 ways to save money! All year around!

Before I get into today's content, I would like to present exhibit a: flat tire. This flat tire awaited me after leaving the office on wednesday. Oh the horror! Heh. Luckily I have a coupon and the repair will cost me nothing. :) HURRAY!

AS for today's content, lets start the new year off right: 6 of my all-time favorite ways to save money. Not that I've been a huge saver in the past, but it's a new year and a new time to start!

1. Services: Improve them or Lose them! You are not a slave to your landline, cable, insurance or internet plan providers! The one thing they don't want you to know is that their competitors are willing to beat the price you're currently paying to get your business. Shop around for a great deal and at the very least, contact your current provider and very nicely tell them you've found a better deal and if they want to keep your patronage they'll beat or match it.
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2. Services: Sell your Cell! Maybe not literally, but based on my own experiences my cell phone is a convenience that can be very inconvenient. Generally, the only time that it would be cost-effective to shop around for a new cell phone carrier is when your contract with your current carrier has expired. If thats not the case for you, it may be to your advantage to ride out the remaining couple of months. If you have a substantial amount of time before your contract expires, it may be more cost-effective to eat the cancellation fee and ditch your cell phone carrier. At this point you are now free to shop around for a new carrier or purchase a pay-as-you-go phone. Most top carriers now have their own p-a-y-g phones, so check it out.
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3. Dear Diary: Record your purchases in a journal. It may sound cheesy, I thought so when my financial coach slid a journal across the table to me, but it works. I took a unique spin on my journal and use it not only as a log for my purchases but also as a book that holds all of my receipts. Each receipt tells a story and has a moral or a lesson. You'd be surprised how much this curbs your spending especially those of the impulsive nature. This in combination with a transaction register, ask the helpful teller at the counter for one of these free at most banks, will help you to start saving with results you can see.

4. Goodwill: Goodtimes. I bought the majority of my christmas gifts online... at and have nothing but pleasant things to say about the quality and the pleasure each gift brought. And the deals at the stores are just as fantastic. Like any store, you'll want to do your research first. Most Goodwill stores have a 50% color for each week. Determine what color is on sale and shop primarily from that selection. Also like other stores, have a list. It's easy to make unnecessary purchases when things are as cost-affordable as they are in Goodwill, but this won't help you save.

5. Give goodwill: turn junk into benjamins. Spring is going to creep up suddenly on us in the next couple of months. While you're spring cleaning--which can help save money if you tackle dusty coils on your fridge, chimney sweeping and cleaning vents-- start sorting through stuff you don't use anymore, don't want any longer or just don't need. Turn this junk into benjamins by having a yard sale, selling at a discount to friends, family and coworkers, selling to a thrift or consignment store or by collecting a tax deduction by giving it to charity.
Yard Sale Queen has great tips.
Charity guide explains more about donating clothes.

6. Print, Cut, Save: Online coupons. For starters NEVER pay money for coupons. Defeats the point. There is a difference between getting a good deal and paying for a good deal. There are a wealth of great companies online that offer coupons for the products you buy everyday. Check out the websites for your favorite grocery brands for valuable coupons, samples and discount opportunities. If you want more bang for your time, there are a few websites out there that compile coupons for thousands of products. If this is the route you choose to go, remember, keep it easy and keep it free.
Retailmenot-- you'll thank me later