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Gifts in time of Cholera...

Financial Cholera that is. I'm a gift-giving fiend and that is going to be a hard habit to break. Every holiday, birthday or just-because day it seems I'm passing along gifts to friends, family and co-workers. This year that has to change. Does that mean nobody gets a gift? Well, no, it doesn't mean that at all. It just means that when it comes down to gifts, I'm going to have to get creative, get smart and get thrifty.

Luckily for me I'm a crafty packrat that enjoys making things anyways, so it should come relatively easy for me. Having hordes of crafting materials at my disposal also means that I won't have to shop for supplies and most gifts that I do make will be next to free.

Things I enjoy making that would make great gifts include:
Shopping Bags! Old T-shirts + Scrap Fabric= Instant green shopping bags! Fun and trendy.
Great Looking Bags!

Instructions for another bag

My Personal Favorite

Jewelry! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets... Its all beautiful! Buy these supplies in bulk though. Even at Hobby Lobby, glass bead prices can get seriously out of hand.
A fun, informative Blog
Buy in Bulk with Google Shopping

Knitting hats! Perfect winter gifts for friends, family and new babies! Who doesn't love a winter beanie? Get a loom and do it in a flash with no previous knitting experience required.
Fantastic Loom-knitting Blog!

Baby blankets! I'll post my mom's secret blanket recipe at a later date, but its fabulously easy, its fast and its fun! They make great baby shower gifts celebrating the wonderful new-edition!

Gifts I will try my hand at this year:
Baking! Who doesn't love cookies, cakes or pies? You can find great baking supplies that are gently used at goodwill or other thrifty stores. Baking cookbooks and recipes are available all over the internet too, just have to look for them. You can also get packaging for your gifts to have them look professional. This is only a cheap investment if you bake gifts often, so plan ahead for holidays as baking ingredients aren't cheap.
Baking Supplies at

Bake sweet treats!

Search for Cookie Gift Boxes/Baked Goods Gift Boxes/Treat Gift Boxes

Jars! Creating your own jams, spreads and other jarred goodies might become an expensive endeavor, but you should be able to find the necessary supplies for relatively cheap if you shop smart. There are also fabulous websites, and I mean fabulous, that have all the information you could care to know about creating your own jar-masterpieces.
Here is one of those fabulous websites!

Pay Attention to shipping costs when buying online!

Make sure you're informed!

If you're not in the creating mood, don't waste your other talents! You can offer to babysit for friends and family so they can have a special night out, mow a neighbors lawn or offer to put up christmas lights for the holidays. Helping out is usually the greatest gift you can give.

Hugs and Pennies!