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America Saves... DAY 2!

Come on El Paso! It's America Saves Week! This is your chance to see just what you can do with your financials and your personal life in one week. Heck, you might surprise yourself and realize that saving is a great habit and continue on for the rest of the year.

Ways that I'm saving doubly this week...

*I'm going to spend zero dollars on food. Thats right, I'm going to hit up every fast food restaurant within walking distance of my office and survive on ketchup and mayonaise packets.. THEY'RE FREE!!!

*And I say within walking distance because I'm leaving my car at home and walking the 11.3 miles, 3 hour 37 minute route to the office and then hitch-hiking to campus.

*Instead of going out to the movies I'm just going to go to Best Buy and sit in front of their HDTV screens and watch whatever movie they have on loop!

*If I can't manage to stay filled off the condiments, I'll venture to Costco and eat all the free samples I can until I'm full!

So thats my plan! Woohoo saving money feels great! And its fun!

Okaaaayyyy maybe I overstretched myself, but saving money still does feel great and it is fun. Here is my real plan:
*Cook my lunch the night before, save $5 a day on eating out, $20+ for the week
*Carpool at least one day of the week, save about $3.50
*Texting only policy! No incoming, outgoing calls, saves about 150 minutes, guarantees no overage, save about $4 for the month or $1 for the week. Saving is saving!
*Errand consolidation: One day for office errands will save $4 in gas.
*One pack of cigarettes to last me the week, save $12
*No starbucks!!! Its not exactly my latte factor, but a time for socializing with friends... save $4.11.
*Absolutely no unexpected shopping trips! I'm good on clothes, food, makeup, etc. Save $8.
Total projected savings: $52.61

While I've already curbed most of those habits to make room for my good savings habits, its interesting to see how much one could save in one week. I challenge you to save $50 this week. And just think, if you did it for the rest of the year, the last 44 weeks of it at least, you could save $2200 or more!

I challenge you!