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I've really enjoyed sampling the free food coupons and offers I've put up this week. So why let that spirit die? I do the research, so you don't have to!

I'm not a big fan, but if McDonald's wants to help me save For College I'm all over that. Signing up for their newsletter will have offers sent directly to your inbox. Signing up at MorningImpaired will get you a Free Sausage McGriddle. (Select locations, we missed out on this one 79924).

Wienerschnitzel is great late at night or when you're having a hotdog eating contest on $.25 hotdog night. Danny's a cheater by the way...

Well they have a couple really great deals. First the buy one get one coupon Angus Hot Dog. Or their Free Iced Coffee with Any Purchase. Or the ultimate, join their mailing list club Get a free Chili Dog. They'll even hook you up on your birthday!

I've been craving a bacon pizza for weeks now. I need to jump on it. To help me out I signed up for their deals to Search for coupons or discounts in my area and send me discounts by email. Also an outside offer for a free order Sign up with their sponsors to get a $20 cash rebate. Searching Ebay for Pizza Hut coupons is a risky business, but you could go That Route.

SONIC Cruisers® is the official SONIC® fan club. Members get all sorts of perks, stuff like a monthly e-mail newsletter, a surprise on their birthday and much more. I'm a member, are you?

I'm sure I've opened up my email to a whole new breed of spam, but its free food people! :) I'll be a satisfied, fat camper before this whole thing is over.


J'me says:
at: August 5, 2009 at 9:02 AM said...

Today is also "Get a free regular roast beef with the purchase of any drink" day at Arby's. No coupon needed. Just show up, buy a drink and get the sandwich FREE!