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Year to date

My 100th post couldn't come at a better time.

I received a $4000 scholarship today from NAWIC-National Association of Women in Construction, El Paso Chapter, 248.

I was floored by their generosity and their dedication and commitment to my education and my career goals.

What a year...
After this week’s payments, my remaining debt balances will be:
Asset Retrieval- $2498.80
Dentist- $1235—will verify with my folks.
GECU- $525.89

Not a lot of debt payoff this month, but I’m thinking I beefed up my savings enough to where I can focus primarily on paying off debt the last couple months we have left.
Total debt payoff for August: $399
$200 to Asset
$130 to Dentist
$69 to GECU

I was just looking through my savings folder I have on my computer, taking a look at where I started.
Unique/Library- $111.95? paid off
CMI/Time Warner- $154? Paid off
JSZ/Sutters Wood- $212.42? paid off
RJM ACQ/WAMU- $412.47 paid off
Target card-$ 570.51? paid off
Midland/Chase-$707.50? paid off
Capstone- $2500.15? paid off-ish
Mysterious time warner? Knocked off
Total Debt payoff-ish: $6636 (inclusive for everything)

My cell phone bill is gone, my GECU loan is shrinking, Asset retrieval will be a one shot payoff for the remaining balance at the end of the challenge at which it should be around $1000 and they’ll work with me then, my dentist bill will be knocked out in 19 weeks at $65 a week or the first week of January…

I’ve received $5000 in scholarships not to mention the $7300 in financial aid each year for the next three years…

What a year. Regardless how the challenge ends, I feel like a winner. Especially with the team I’ve been blessed with.

Thank you guys for your support, your advice, and your friendship.