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And it all comes tumbling down...

Oh the frustration. The pure and bitter sweet agony. What happened to my game place? My game plan? My game?

I've hit a wall, and that wall is in a room that is closing in on me. No matter what I do, how much I plan, whatever I put my mind to, it always seems that something pops up and creates a muck in my plans. September was supposed to be the month that I got everything back on track and yet it seems September is the month that is kicking my butt the most.

I had a budget. I had a plan. My debt is getting paid off, so thats not the problem. But I've been endlessly pulling from my savings. Adjusting to a part time paycheck is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I am honestly looking forward to payday tomorrow and that is a feeling I haven't had for most of this year. Primarily because I have never had to worry about money. And now I'm in a place where I am worrying about money constantly. Not what I have in my checking account, but how can I keep my money in my savings!!!

All of my Dave Ramsey empowerment is slowly dwindling. BUT!!! As always there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully I do get paid tomorrow and I can garner all of my budgeting knowledge together and the tidbits I picked up over the weekend and get my act together.

Zero-balance, Zero-tolerance Budget.
Recouping my Savings.
Re-Configuring my debt payoff.

Ya, October will be the month of redemption. The month where it all comes together for me. Quite frankly, the only month that matters at this point. September isn't a lost cause, we'll just have to see how it played out in the end.

To all my loyal supporters, thank you for constantly dropping by. And to any new members, not to worry! I'm usually more on the ball than this, hardly ever author these 'woe is me' posts.

Stay tuned, I'm going to change my world in one month's time.