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Enjoying the Weekend

Other than forking over the $20 to attend Dave Ramseys Televised seminar tomorrow, I hope to dramatically curb my spending. I have a few things I need to save up for... my oil change, possibly having to have more serious work done on my car and paying down the remainder of my debt.

But, having now gone part time, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stretch my dollars. I have to frequently dip into my savings account to cover purchases I was making last month just fine. And that is incredibly frustrating. I'm really going to have to stick to my budget and develop a better spending mindset. The way I see it, I will be in school fulltime for the next three years, part time at the office... I should begin creating these budgeted spending habits now as to not create another mess of my finances in the future.

So here's to hope, here's to a great cheap weekend, and here's to friends who support me and occasionally buy me lunch. Hint hint. :)