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So a bit of an Update

The GECU Savings Challenge announced its winner Sunday December 13th.

And the Winner Was.........

Yours truly! I indeed won the GECU Savings Challenge. All thanks to my helpful coaches, Alex and Sophia, GECU, my Family, my Friends, and my loyal readers.

I can say with confidence that if there was one real aspect of my application that set me apart from the other competitors, it would be my blog. And I created my blog for vastly different reasons than why I continued my blog.

Updating was never easy, but knowing that there were people that were genuinely interested in what I found, what I had to say, and the way I delivered it really helped to keep me motivated.

So thank you all so kindly for reading and for your fellowship and comments. It has been a crazy, crazy year!

And next year proves to be crazier. Check out a sneak preview here.

Love you all!
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B Wallace says:
at: March 3, 2010 at 4:49 PM said...

Hi there,

I know you have a new site now but I wanted to congratulate you on winning that challenge as well as on paying down your debt! I found your site on Blog Catalog and came here and saw your counter... I'm happy for you. :)

I like your site and hope you keep up the good work!