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Coming Together

I'm quite excited about this idea and plan for my year. 50 weeks, 50 diets... how could you not be excited about that?

Here are the 50 diets I have selected for the year. I entered them into a random generator to give me a nice mix of everything. Certain diets are similar to other diets (i.e. cabbage soup diet, beyonce diet, maple syrup diet) but have different exercise routines involved.

1. Buddhist Diet
2. Fat Flush Plan
3. The Chocolate Diet
4. Breatharian Diet
5. Six Day Body Makeover
6. Asian Slim Secrets
7. Vegan Diet
8. Sacred Heart Diet
9. Vegetarian Diet
10. Rice Diet
11. Kosher Diet
12. South Beach Diet
13. The Grapefruit Diet
14. Beyonce Diet
15. The Wedding Day Diet
16. Banana Diet
17. No White Foods Diet
18. Fast Food Diet
19. Maple Syrup Diet
20. Slim-Fast
21. Baby Food Diet
22. Atkins Diet
23. Juice Diet
24. Acai Burn
25. Edenic Diet
26. Prevention's Peanut Butter Diet
27. Detox Diet
28. The Weight Loss Grail
29. Subway Diet
30. Blood Type diet
31. Suzanne Somers
32. Liquid Diet
33. Volumetrics
34. Courtney Love Diet
35. Caveman Diet
36. Bread for Life
37. F-Plan Diet
38. 100 Calorie Diet
39. Shangri-La Diet
40. LemonAid 48-Hour Detox
41. Body by God
42. Special K Challenge
43. Fruitarian Diet
44. Devotion Diet
45. Hoodia
46. The Hot Dog Diet
47. Cabbage Soup Diet
48. Isreali Army Diet
49. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
50. McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

Each diet will be introduced on a Monday and will run until Saturday. If there is a suggested exercise theme to incorporate for the corresponding diet then that will be the followed regiment. If not I will substitute three days of cardio.

On each Monday the diet regime will begin. I will post not only the diet information and suggested exercises, but also my weekly starting weight, measurements, and every now and then a followup picture. Throughout the week, I will post any side effects, how I feel emotionally and psychologically as well as any severe adverse reactions. At diet's end on Saturdays I will post any suggestions, my overall rating (scale of one to ten), and any meal plans that worked effectively.

On the seventh day, I will rest. Not for any other reason than to give my body the opportunity to recover, flush out, and treat myself for a job well done.

While there is no scientific method to this experiment, I must advise that the conclusions drawn from each diet will be of a personal level and for personal benefit and not to discredit the effectiveness of the diet or the fad. You must realize from a biological standpoint it is unhealthy and dangerous to treat your body in the matter of which I hope to treat it. Any conclusions drawn from the experiment may be skewed from previous diets from weeks before or may be ineffective at giving a truly accurate response from any one diet working alone.

I felt it necessary to include that statement because I don't want to give the impression that these results are in fact typical, average, or the expectation. Moreover, I want to test the limitation of cycling your body's system and truly testing an idea that is novel and outrageous.


Alyssa Aarhaus says:
at: January 9, 2010 at 9:36 PM said...

Excited to check back. Can I do the chocolate diet with you? :)

Krystal says:
at: January 10, 2010 at 7:50 AM said...

Haha! Of course. :)