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Illegal Alien

So The Goddess is here settled in Prestwick and she is going to share a story with you that she has not told another soul and will not tell anyone besides you and well the world.

The Goddess was detained and denied access to the UK for 6 hours on Tuesday. Hahaha.  Only she could get damn near deported from a country before I have even entered it.

The problem started because The Goddess doesn't have a flight booked for leaving the country and she didn't have any plans for immediate travel from the UK and she didn't have a letter from The Kilted One's family explicitly inviting me to spend the next 6 months with them... naturally Border Security here was incredibly suspicious of her intentions to stay in the UK for only the 6 months.  The Goddess got to the passport check at about 7 a.m. local time Tuesday morning (midnight Monday back-home time) and after giving "unsatisfactory" answers to the agent was put in a holding cell in one of the many backrooms.  She was fingerprinted, photographed, and interrogated (they called it an "interview" but it was definitely a mild interrogation).  They pulled her checked bag off the flight which she, of course, had missed and searched its contents in front of her asking her a lot of questions about everything she'd packed.  Even The Goddess's physical person was searched and it was overall a very intimidating experience.

To top it off the Border Security agents couldn't get a hold of The Kilted One.  They couldn't confirm what I was telling them was the truth as The Kilted One was in class and wouldn't answer his phone. His mom wasn't home so the phone just kept ringing on this end.  After a few hours of being in detention the agent told The Goddess if they couldn't get a hold of The Kilted One in a few hours they were going to have to fly her back to Chicago and she would have to have my passport stamped as being refused entry.

THANK GOD she was finally able to get The Kilted One on the phone and he was able to speak with the agents and sort everything out.  The Goddess hadn't slept much on her flights over so she ended up passing out on one of the benches in the holding cell and was woken up just after 1:00 by the agent to tell her that I was allowed entry, her passport had been stamped allowing her to stay the requested 6 months, and that she had exactly 20 minutes to get up, get through security, get a new boarding pass, and make the next flight to Glasgow.   Short story long, she made the flight.  At that point, The Goddess would have done ANYTHING to get out of Heathrow.