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The Goddess and The Kilted One

I believe a bit of back-story is necessary to understand the undertaking that is this blog and, in short, my life.

I am The Goddess.  Not in the sense that I claim to be worshiped or a spiritual entity of any kind.  More along the lines of this is my Realm and surely I should rule it with what minimal grace I possess.  The Goddess has done many things in her life.  She has lived in a various countries all around the globe, has held down various jobs ranging from the menial data entry clerk to English teacher in the far-east and back again to pulling staples out of paper, and she has made friends with remarkable people that have shaped her life in the best ways.

She also speaks integrating third and first person perspectives for a mighty confusing narrative.  Just think of it as an endearing character flaw.

The Goddess dabbled in a bit of that schooling business and attended a University in the United States.  She did not finish because, well, she's often distracted, but in the course of "studying" she met The Kilted One.  To say it was Love At First Sight would be a bit of stretch, but there was definite attraction on both parts and after a whirlwind summer of cross-country, multinational travels the two were split by a small thing called the Atlantic Ocean.

The Goddess rarely backs down from a challenge and a long distance relationship was quite a challenge.  She would fly to him.  He would fly to her.  And finally in February of 2012, The Goddess grew fed up of being apart and moved to The Kilted One's home land to mingle among his people and enjoy all that The Kilted Land had to offer.

The Kilted One is most definitely more studious than The Goddess herself and will be graduating from his University in the summer of 2012.

And the Adventures of The Goddess and The Kilted One will truly begin...

So on the agenda for this summer we have a fantastic tour of South-East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.) before we relocate to Perth Australia.  We both have working holiday visas in hand so the move will be to not only experience Australian culture, but to some how manage to sustain life there.

Currently The Goddess lives with The Kilted One and his parents.  Not the temple of freedom one would hope for, but The Goddess is grateful for the loving home and place to live and flourish in.  However, when we relocate to Perth visions of Green living, sustainable gardening, homecooking, homemaking, all around home-ness will become reality.  The Goddess hopes you will stay along for the ride and enjoy a bit of paradise with her.