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Short and Sweet...

Thanks for the encouraging words Matt! :) I miss you guys too.. haha.

Oh and forgot to let you all know, I updated the pics to include pics of the house and the bus trip to Myanmar. Yay!

Let me know what you think, you can post a comment on the pics themselves or here on my blog. Feedback is always a good thing. And let me know if there is anything you want me to take a picture of to show you guys. Like you know the neighborhood i live in, Chiang Mai University, them fine thai girls that wander around! haha. Anything you want.

The international flower festival is coming up next month, that should be pretty awesome! Flowers from 27+ countries from around the world are going to be setup here in chiang mai! Including a replica of mt fiji made entirely of flowers and the blossoming of 2 ancient chinese bulbs! Fascinating! :P

Oh and London House gave me a callback, so i may take on a weekend job there for a 10 week period! Hurray for good karma.

All in all things are looking up. Although the rent was due today and my wallet is starting to feel the pain. haha. Don't worry though, alls well that goes well. :)