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Hello! Its been a while... We finally got internet installed in our house. They said, on September 20th, they would come install it on the first. So i have been patiently waiting for the time to come, and turns out the first fell on a sunday. So they got it installed today! Yay!

Still no decent pictures of the house, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, but i do have good news. Besides saving a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geiko, I have been recently employed. I work at a school called London House. It is a privately owned organization and is really nice. The entire school has maybe 30 students. Unfortunately i have a larger class of six year olds-nine year olds and there are nine of them. And they are demons! I am sure teaching children in america would get a little overwhelming, but there was a moment when i was surrounded by rampaging children and i had no idea what to do.

I teach 5 days a week, monday-friday. Tuesdays i teach cooking, HAHAHAHAHAHA, and fridays are Field trip day! This friday we are going to a clay house.. not sure if the house is made out of clay or if the house makes clay things. We will find out. Luckily this gives me something to take pictures of. And my students, as rambunctuous as they are, have very funny names. In thailand it is customary to adopt english or thai nicknames. Not like danny or timmy or anything that has anything remotely to do with their own names. Here is my roster:


I will take pictures of them. I am glad to have a job, gives me something to do. But now i actually have to come up with lesson plans. It was very sudden that i landed this position. I went and applied on Friday. I received a call on Sunday to come in for an interview and a meet and greet. 10 minutes later i received anotehr call to start working on wednesday. Another 10 minutes and i was asked to come in to work today. Very sudden. And my class went from having 5 students to having 9 and possibly 12 as time progresses. I'm in a whirlwind. Haha.

I make 18,000 baht a month for 3 hours of work a day for 20 days. Thats about 8 dollars an hour. Not bad. Since it is a part time position I am still available to do private lessons in the afternoon or to attend another school on the weekends.

Dinner time! kisses and bugs!