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So yeah we got us a place for rent. I haven't had an opportunity to take pictures yet, but its nice. Its one of the nicest houses i've been in. Its kind of like a townhouse, as its part of a building with other houses, but its humungous. Not sure what the square footage is but, its four stories with 3 official bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big living room, 2 patios, a great view of Doi Suthep (the mountain), a big kitchen/dining room, and a big second living room we've converted into the game room.

Unfortunately its unfurnished so we are gradually buying pieces of furniture. We already bought the necessities... beds, chairs, computer, computer desks and ping pong table.. haha! Its got hard wood floors and really beautiful stairs. We're paying the outrageous price of 10,000 baht, or 270 US dollars... Eat your heart out.

I'll get pictures once we get everything settled. We're in the process of buying articles of furniture for the first floor to make it look professional so we can begin to give our private english lessons and make some money. I've also began to put my resume and application out there so i can get a j-o-b at an english school. See how that goes. No qualifications or experience to speak of, HIRE ME! haha.

Ok well its been raining for 4 days straight now, so i have to brave the storm back to the crib. Hopefully i won't get too soaked. If i don't post for a few days, assume i'm still drying off.