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Autumn Among Us...

For the past few weeks the air conditioner has been running rampant in our office. It not only felt like autumn was here halfway through the summer, but it felt like winter was also making an appearance in a blaze of blizzard glory.

Luckily, the outside temperature is beginning to match the arctic inside temperature and I feel like autumn might truly make its debut. It is hands down my favorite time of year. The colors are beautiful, the
holidays are warm and inviting, and the clothing ensembles are what my dreams are made of. Scarves, hats and sweaters, oh my!

In the spirit of festivities, I have decorated the office space a little. Mind you I have a non-existent budget, so I had to improvise a lot of times. I tossed some fall leaves on the tree in the corner, through some maple leaf garland around my monstrous reception's desk, maneuvered in a three foot tall scarecrow, complete with bale of straw and had
the kids of the office help decorate pumpkins of which I then strung up on foiled confetti wire. Add a few cling on stickers to the glass windows, a vase of fall flowers and an essential bowl for candy treats and you have the coziest this office has been in a while.

Before winter rolls in and my favorite season is packed away for snowflakes, stockings a nd the christmas tree, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. This is the only sign of autumn I get down here in El Paso. I'm going to squeeze every last drop out of it!