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Let it Begin!!!!

So I've expanded on a new hobby/obsession I have acquired. I love Good Will. I mean I've always loved thrift shopping, but this has really taken off. I bought a leather jacket for $6! Its beautiful, nothing like you'd expect at Good Will. Plus I bought Warren a leather motorcycle jacket that he will be able to wear at 12m. :) Plus the 3 pairs of NEW shoes I got that are all Target brands NEW for $3 a pair NEW, I think clothing wise I've found my golden chalise of opportunity.
Craft wise, I've bought 3 patterns for a quarter each, a knitting kit, yarn, material (one of which is vintage! and it looks like something from The Sunshine Family), ribbon and some table cloths that I am going to turn into this dress.
All in all, I might be finding myself spending the allotted amount of my budget building up my craft supplies at all the local Good Wills in town. After which I will move onto Thrift-stores and resale.... Oh I can't wait!