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September Road

I'm very fortunate that I can still rely on this blog to vent and scramble. :) Since my last update I have finished Spring Semester and Summer Semester and started Fall Semester. Did the math only have 3 semesters left and I will have my associates in Electrical Engineering and be on my way to a higher university to pursue a career in a field that is both intriguing and daunting. I can't wait!

In the mean time I've been bit by the craft bug. I have looms and yarn, string and twine, findings and eye-hooks, needles and knitting, crocheting and jewelry making, quilting and sewing, paper making and weaving. All within the teeny tiny bedroom that I've called my abode for over the last year.

And it has been a year. A year even. It's insane to think that its only been a year since I was in Thailand. It all seems so far away and while I hated a few of the experiences I had there, I feel the longing to still go back. For a visit.

And in that time I have watched my sister develop into a beautiful pregnant woman and then welcomed the birth of my nephew Warren Forrest Green. He has double letters in all three of his names!:)

But I hope to post pictures of any crazy creations that I make here in the near future. So if you're into that kind of thing stay tuned. No seriously.. Stay tuned.