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What a great month April was! How does the saying go, "in like a ferocious maneating alien as tall as mt. everest from planet WeUseHumansAsToothpicks... out like a lamb?" I'm sure it was something like that. Or maybe I'm thinking of march.. anyhow!

I have some exciting news! I... have... a....SCHOLARSHIP!!! :)

I was awarded a scholarship by my local chapter of NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) and let me tell you I could not be more pleased, nor more happier and thankful to those wonderful women.

I would like to take this time to revisit the process of getting scholarships.

My previous post I told you how to find scholarships on the internet. While this can only produce positive results (even if you don't get receive any scholarships, you've undoubtedly perfected your essay writing skills) you should not overlook your local options.

Most scholarship funds are set up with a certain candidate in mind. Whether that be a single mother entering the nursing field or a first generation ESL college student, the chances of being able to qualify for a specific scholarship is pretty good. The options available to you locally possess greater odds than obtaining a scholarship outside your community.

Contact your local chamber of commerce and see if they are currently sponsoring or donating to any scholarship funds. Also mention your degree plan and career intentions and ask to be put in contact with any local businesses that potentially would be interested in speaking with you to help further your education. If you are a minority, most major cities have chambers for specific minorities. Here in el paso we have the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as a fund for Women: El Paso Commision for Women. Major cities also have more than one chamber, do your research--cough cough google--and make sure to leave no avenue unchecked!

Also if you know what you want to major in, see if there are some local associations or organizations that specialize in professionals of the same career field. For example, The Structural Engineers Association of Texas has an El Paso chapter worth looking into for scholarship opportunities, if you are majoring in structural engineering or a similar field it's definitely worth looking into.

Don't forget to speak with your financial aid advisor at your high school (if you're still enrolled), at your college administration building, or at your local VA for those with military experience. Speak with those individuals in your life you consider mentors, see if they have heard or read of any opportunities. Your church may have a fund for active members to help with the costs of classes or books or they may donate to a specific fund.

IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK! Only hurts you if you don't...