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What not to do...

I'm not going to name names, but I have a story to share.

About two weeks ago a dryer went out. The dryer would spin endlessly and never shut off but wouldn't dry the clothes. Flabbergasted the family decided it was time to get a new dryer. They set their old dryer onto the curb where it was quickly gobbled up by a neighbor and set out to buy a new dryer.

And boy did they get a good deal! It was on clearance at the store and was below what they were expecting to pay so they bought it! Brought it home. Hooked it up.

Didn't work.

Of all the rotten luck! The one dryer on clearance was, of course, busted. So they hauled it back and had to purchase a more expensive model. They brought it home. Hooked it up.

Didn't work.

Moral: If you have to make a major replacement purchase do two things: check to see if it can't be repaired and... make sure the problem is actually with the appliance and not with the wall its plugged into.

It will save you two trips of loading and unloading and the cost of replacing the appliance that you set out to the curb that had nothing wrong with it.