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How do you define your finances?

Driving to New Mexico, I looked over at my friend and said those miraculous words, "So... How are your finances?"

Had somebody asked me that today I would have started rambling about my savings account, what I'm paying for school, my recent scholarship, my debt I've paid off. Finances to me means, accordingly, everything money.

Finances to my friend meant what she has available and what she owes on her credit card.

Which is true, those are finances. Her response allowed me to take a glimpse into her world on a monetary level. My finances are definitely a positive thing. I'm enthusiastic when I tell people what I've achieved this year. I don't just pay off debt, I knock out debt *punch punch*. I don't just save money, I boost my savings. I didn't just get a scholarship, I was truly blessed!

Is it that much different from saying what you owe and how much you have left in your checking account?

I'm going to give a boisterous, HELL YEAH to that question.

If you spend your entire day being positive about everything you've accomplished and keeping an open mind to any troubles that come your way, you'll fare much better.

If you spend your entire day fretting over negativity and retract when things become challenging, you'll wish you never climbed out of bed.

So why should talking about your finances be any different? My friend didn't give me details, but from her viewpoint I could tell that she wasn't financially where she wanted to be. And instead of reminding me that she just recently paid off her Tempur-Pedic mattress or that she's begun saving for her summer vacation abroad after she graduates, she focused on what she hasn't accomplished yet.

Changing how you look at your finances, understanding that you've made some progress along with any setbacks and just being nice to yourself could help you boost yourself in the right direction.

One bite at a time...