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Cheap not necessarily always good

I spit out cheap nonsense like a fountain, and for the most part it's always taking quality into consideration. But so you can get the most for your money, here are a few tips you need to think about before you spend.

1. Cheap is not always cheap. That shirt on the clearance rack, 75% off, would look fabulous on you! It's so cheap! But it stretches easy, its white and you've had bad luck with white, it's dryclean only... suddenly this cheap shirt isn't so cheap. When going for cheap, stay smart, to stay frugal. Factor in how often you think you will wear the item, how long it will last, how cheap is it to clean, etc. You might end up paying more money in the long run.
Cheap does not = Frugal.
It is far more important to look at "cost per wear" (remember to factor in cleaning costs too).

Take an inventory of your (and your children's) closet.
Keeping a list of what you actually do need will help control impulse purchases of things you don't need.

Think ahead and shop ahead.
Use the Bargain Shopping Calendar.

Invest in Classics.
Classics don't have to mean boring and classics are not necessarily black slacks. SAHM "classics" are most likely jeans & non-sweat, comfy pants.

Use Accessories to Update Your Wardrobe.
Usually, they're cheaper than clothing (shop places like Forever 21, H&M, Ross, TJ Maxx)

Learn to Sew.
If you sew, you can hem, alter & mend clothing, giving a longer life in closet. Look for youtube instructional videos and just give it a try.

Think Before you Throw.
Take longer look at items you're getting rid of. Could they have a new life with some dye? a patch? an added ruffle? or another kind of refashion?

Thrifting is Fun.
Get to know your local thrift shops. Most have crazy sale days when cheap stuff becomes even cheaper.

Garage Sales aren't Gross.
Why spend good money on kid's play clothes? Check out new community group garage sales for up to date fashion and old neighborhoods for great vintage finds.

Resale shops are your friend.
Sell old clothes & use the money to buy "new" clothes. You'll get more store credit than cash.

Show your Laundry Some Love.
Wash jeans inside out, spot stains, read care labels, and use the dryer less.