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Travel Blog III

One simple website, thousands of possibilities. If you've paid attention to the last two posts, you'll understand the importance of planning ahead. Buying your tickets, arranging for your transportation and accommodations far enough in advance can save you mucho dinero. Kayak is the be all end all of all travel sites. Searches the majority of the globe's leading airlines to situate the traveler with the best flight. You can sort by price, duration, or play around with multi-city/flexible dates.

Living in a Southwest hub city, is also another great way to save. I'm not saying move to a city that flies Southwest, but it is definitely an advantage. Especially if you download and install their Ding! software. This badboy alerts you everyday to new and low prices available for purchase that day. Today's Dings! involve $49 dollar flights to Vegas from Phoenix. Get those bad boys round trip and you have a Vegas vacation getaway for under $100. Tack on the airline fees and its still cheaper than driving!

As with anything, sign up for discounts, frequent visitor memberships, and mailing lists. You'll be quite surprised to realize how much you can save, after you've spent money. Doesn't make much sense? Signing up for Southwest's rewards program will give you a freeflight after X amount of flights you've used with their airlines. Register yourself at

If I can teach you anything it is that the key to being a happy saver is you have to do the research. Just like nobody is going to walk up to you on the street and hand you a wad of cash, companies aren't going to just hand you discounts. Use your resources and get it done for yourself.

All this travel talk... I'm starting to feel the urge to abandon my staycation. :)