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Breatharian Diet--Recap

What a week.

Quite possibly the longest week in the history of weeks.

Started a new internship.  Schoolwork really piled on.  Received an offer to continue my work with GECU.

To top it all off... no food.

I did really well on this diet.  I put my whole heart and mind into it and when I wanted to call it quits, I just kept going.  Well, for the most part.  I did eat a banana on friday, had a couple cups of coffee and juice... but a whole week without a meal?! I have never gone to such extremes before.

Would I recommend this diet?

Absolutely not.

Would I recommend some one not eating for a day or two?

That one I would have to say yes to.  For the simple fact that it rewired my appetite.  24 years of eating when its time to eat, instead of when I'm hungry, I forgot what it means to be truly hungry.  To eat for fuel and not just for the act of eating.  It put me in touch with my body and after the first three days more in touch with my mind.  I think psychologically my brain was running in overdrive for two reasons.  1.) To keep "itself" from thinking about how hungry my body was and 2.) The lack of calories and nutrients might have confused "it".

While I would never recommend something that could possibly harm some one else, I say if you're able to  fast for a day or two or even the unseemly 6 days I experimented, go for it.

I rate this diet 4 out of 10, for the sole fact that it encourages you to not drink water or eat anything.  The not eating I can handle... not drinking is a whole other story.

Next week... Six Day Body Makeover! BRING IT ON!!!!


Alyssa Aarhaus says:
at: February 16, 2010 at 10:06 AM said...

Really enjoyed this post. I think, if used wisely, fasting provides incredible clarity. Kudos to you, but don't do it that long again, o.k.?

showamerica says:
at: February 23, 2012 at 6:15 AM said...

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