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Breatharian Diet

Breatharian Diet
A dangerous diet that risks your health and life.
When it comes to dieting, nothing comes close to the extreme nature of the Breatharian Diet. Believers claim that only fresh air, which contains the life force prana, and sunlight are needed for survival and that food and water should be avoided. This esoteric practice, followed by those wanting to heighten their spirituality, has little to do with dieting for the sake of losing weight; although a few believers do attest to the health benefits and lightness of body that ensues after extended periods of fasting. The Breatharian Diet, also referred to as Inedia, has been linked to numerous deaths by devout Breatharians who perished from dehydration or hypothermia. While short periods of fasting has long been done for spiritual, religious, political or health reasons, the Breatharian Diet is an extreme practice that is vehemently rejected by the medical and health communities.

Krystal says: Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. No food for a whole week. You've gotta be kidding me?! I get spoiled on the Chocolate Diet with pasta, popcorn, and chocolate... and now not only am I losing all of those great treats but you're taking away bland salads, grilled chicken, brown rice, and well everything else deemed 'Healthy'!? The Breatharian diet should be renamed the Anorexic Diet from Hell. I'm gonna do my best, even though my co-blogger Panda hates the thought of this one. I'm gonna throw my own esoteric-ism into the mix as well. I think it's called "Fasting", right? You'll have to excuse me if I take a break from riding my bike this week. BRING IT!

• Small periods of supervised fasting have shown limited health benefits

• Very dangerous
• Can eventually lead to death
• Goes against not just common sense but basic human physiology as well

Breatharian believers consume no food or water for extended periods of time while some may consume small amounts of water, tea or coffee.

Strenuous exercise is generally avoided by those following the Breatharian Diet.

While many diets are criticized for being too extreme, nothing can come close to matching the stringency of The Breatharian Diet - an esoteric practice in which believers abstain from food and water and subsist solely on breath and sunlight. While fasting is often done on a short term basis for a number of different reasons, given the danger and impracticality of the Breatharian Diet, one is very hard pressed to find anything redeeming about it.