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My apologies for being delinquent in my updating of This Little Diet of Mine.  Unfortunately, I was besot with school stress, new job stress, and the likes and could not find an available opportunity to blog.

Well, that and I stopped dieting.

BUT! To go along with my experimenting, we can look at last week through the binoculars of scientific theory.

I go on diets, I lose weight.  I get off diets, I gain weight back.


In all seriousness, I enjoyed being under 195 for all of six days.  Then it was back up the scale I went.  196 is my current weight. Bummer.

I did, however, participate in a 5k race, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, yesterday.

My time was horrible! 1:08:45
But it gives me a good angle to go on to try and push myself harder for the El Paso Marathon coming up in two weeks! 10k race for me.  If I can get in at under 2 hours, I will be more than happy.  Come on blubber body, don't fail me now.

I have realized that this apologetic blog post has turned into a bit of a blabbering mess, so I will bring you back to the regularly scheduled blogpost.  Rest assured I will do my best this week to take my diet, exercise, and health seriously.