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All in a days work...

My goal this month...

Seriously, don't laugh...

Spend as little money as possible. Thats all. Plain and simple.

On my do not buy list:
~Lunch at the office
~Clothes (I definitely have a sizable wardrobe now!)
~Alcohol :(
~Groceries (Have enough to last me through the month)

Man its going to be tough. But maybe I can make it happen. Excuse me now though, I'm going to go buy a pack of cigarettes, a 40 ounce, a veggie burger combo meal and a pair of new shoes to celebrate my new resolve!

Heh. Just Kidding! :)

May was a great month for me and for my savings goals. I paid off more than I expected towards one debt and my minimum for another. Its getting harder to allocate my funds to the proper place but I think its all going to work out well in the end.

Look out June! HERE I COME!