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Free City

There inevitably comes a time when you're with friends, gathered around some ones living room, staring at the ceiling, each other or the tv when it dawns on all of you. There is nothing to do in your city!

Well, I'm here to provide you the resources to curb that train of thought, as well as save yourself some money.

More often than not, its not the lack of events occuring in your city that keep you from trying new things, but more the cost of getting into the movies, concerts, shows or other similar venues.

Well fear not my frugal friends, the internet has your back when it comes to having fun without spending funds.

One great thing to look into is a magazine or newspaper in your city that highlights the events going on in and around you. Most often they have them listed by category and one of those categories might just have that wonderful word, "free"!

Here in El Paso we have the El Paso Scene. From free concerts, free museum days, art galleries, and other events to cheap discounted days for admission, it really helps those of us on a money diet.

If you're looking to do stuff for free with the family, Parents Connect-GoCityKids has a comprehensive list of events and activities in over 40 cities. Including camps, entertainment, outdoor and indoor fun.

Or maybe you're just looking to join a group or fellowship of likeminded individuals. Thats a really lengthy way of saying meet new people. Well then is the site for you. Seriously, I joined and I have found some really interesting people out there that do two of my favorite things: have fun and keep it cheap. More often than not, they'll get you on the right track to getting out in the world and experiencing new and fun things with minimal impact on your budget or wallet.

Check your city out on City Search. With Arts & Entertainment listings for art, attractions and entertainers, there is definitely going to be a listing here for you. Check out El Paso!. When it comes to planned venues or events, make sure you do your research before hand and build up the anticipation, rather than wait to the last minute and realize that you're not going to be able to make the show.

Finally, put a little bit of faith in your local government. The City of El PAso has an events calendar, so by all means, if we have one the chances of your city having an events calendar as well are astronomical!

And if you can't figure out what to do to cure your immediate boredom, just call everyone up on your phone, head to your local park with a cheap grill, hotdogs, buns, chips, and a ball. Splitting the cost between everyone coming out should be pretty minimal for all takers.

Do your research and you'll come to love your city as much as I'm falling head over heels for mine.