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Truly Blessed

I'll be having a busy time getting my new washer and dryer into my house.. :)

Got one hell of a great deal on them! I'm still in shock.

My boss was having a moving sale and she told me to come over and pick up some clothes. I flew to her house so fast! A girl can't pass on free clothes now can she?

While I was there I mentioned that I was looking for a tv for the new place and if she was selling hers. Well she was! Nice 36 inch screen, only problem is that it was stuck in a tv stand. If you want to buy the tv you have to buy the stand.

I told her I'd think about it...

She wants to get rid of it so she sweetens the deal. "Buy the tv for $115 and I'll sell you the washer and dryer for $10."


I was on that faster than flies on poop.

Now I just need to round up a truck and a crew to go claim my best deal in the history of deals.

I am truly blessed.