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Travel Blog 1

A certain special some one in my life is off traveling for business, pleasure and joyful reunions. So it would make a great deal of sense that Traveling would be at the forefront of my mind.

On that note, may I present the first post in a series on traveling cheap!

Let face it though, vacations are one of those things that require careful planning and saving of time and resources. You can't just throw everything into a bag and run to the airport, no matter how often they do it in the movies, without reeling from consequences. You have to take into consideration where you're going, how long you'll be there, airfare, accommodations, transportation, entertainment, not to mention ensuring that everything will be taken care of while you're gone.

First things first: Packing your luggage.

Nothing is more horrible than getting into your hotel room after eating the most garlic riddled exotic dish only to realize you forgot your toothbrush. Well I guess walking into your hotel room to see a stranger using your toothbrush would be equally as horrible, but I can't help you much there.

What I can help you with is saving money in buying only exactly what you'll need for your trip. Everything you'll need from how many changes of clothes to inclement weather necessities.

The Universal Packing List can be directly tailored to your vacation or trip. Enter in your specifics and it will generate the perfect travel list for you. Mind you, you don't have to purchase everything on the list, but the necessities are there so you won't be forgetting much of anything.

It provides also a list of Things to do before you leave most of which will save you money!

Wash the dishes- Save money, save water. Do the dishes before you leave so you don't have to battle caked on food when you get back.
Make a lunch- Taking food from home is always cheaper than eating out. I can't beat this into your head hard enough.
Pet Care- Leaving pets with loved ones saves money and temperaments versus placing pets in a kennel.
Unplug electrical stuff- No sense in paying money to have your surge protectors running power to your PC, TV or Fish tank. Okay, leave that last plug alone, but unplug everything else that isn't necessary.
Turn down the temperature in your home-Or just turn it off. hmmmm...
Confirm airline tickets-Save money on fees, make sure you don't miss your flight.
Get your airmiles in advance-Free flight!! I'm on this!
Memorize PIN codes to credit cards-Don't write them down.

Check out what hospitals are covered by your health insurance

Install or recharge batteries
Get maps

Plan your trip enough in advance that you can ideally have everything taken care of and save yourself some money.