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The Chocolate Diet-- Recap

This diet could have used a little bit more chocolate. Seriously! I was hoping for chocolate cereal for breakfast, chocolate shake for lunch, and chocolate noodles dipped in chocolate sauce with shaved chocolate on top for dinner!

Boy was I surprised when I got to treat myself to 150 calories of chocolate a night.

The chocolate diet produced very little results on the scale. I felt better this week than I did the week before on Fat Flush, even though I was intaking roughly the same calories.

That might be because I was eating more this week... Ya. I did it. I fell off my diet. COMPLETELY! But, not totally my fault. Had a pasta party at the office (You're allowed to eat pasta on the Chocolate Diet! Hurray!) and went out for fabulous seafood buffet with friends. All of which was allowed on the Chocolate Diet... just not the portion sizing. I had more calories Friday then the entire week! Add in the alcoholic beverages and you have a complete bust.

So I can't feel right recommending or not recommending this diet.

In theory, being able to eat pasta, popcorn, AND chocolate on a diet is great! But only being able to consume 1200 calories or less, sounds a bit risky.

This one is up in the air. My apologies for being so lax in my food intake. To punish myself, Breatharian Diet starts tomorrow.

You'll understand my sentiments when I post the diet tomorrow.