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Well for the last two days we have been trekking up the mountain here in chiang mai to visit the various temples. When I say trekking I mean riding our bikes. It was so much fun the first day we went, the weather was cool, the sun was setting and it was all so new and exciting. We went almost to the top which took us quite a while on the bikes, shifting gears and downshifting. Eventually we did make it to one of the highest points. We were in the clouds! No lies, they were floating around us.
We thought since we had so much fun the day before, we should try going back there yesterday. Well we probably waited too long and sooner than expected the sun had set. And then... I crashed my bike.. :( I have an owee on my arm. Luckily I wasn't going very fast so it didn't hurt, but i did mess up the bike a bit. We got to the same point where we were at the day before and took more pictures, but it was much foggier and we couldn't see anything. Oh well, it was still fun. I have to regain my confidence in my own driving abilities though, still a lil woozy and wet behind the ears. :P
Oh well short blog for now, check out my pictures at :) A few of the pictures we took are wallpaper/desktop worthy! :P

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