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Yesterday we woke up fairly early (if there are any typos in this post it is because the keyboard i am using is retarded.) The normal routine of getting up is showering, going to get some breakfast, almost getting abducted by renegade taxi drivers, and then waking everyone else up a few hours later. Well yesterday we did things differently. After we ate breakfast, we skipped the abduction part, and willingly asked a taxi driver to take us to the Bangkok zoo. So we spent the morning meandering about, I got some great pictures and will upload them soon. It was really fun. The animals were still mostly asleep because it was only into the late morning when we went, but it was still really neat. We rented a water boat that is pedal-powered and pedaled throughout the lake and creeks.

We got back and did the norm of eating shopping eating shopping lounging. When it got time to get to the train station, in true hilleman/dinsdale fashion we only had 45 minutes to get there. We assumed it would be enough time, but unforseen to us was the random Japanese Concert and Convention the popped up in front of the mall. It was a desperate struggle to get taxis to take us to the train station but eventually we made it there with little time to spare. Well enough time for the attendant to tell us that we would be taking the train to lampoong instead of chiangmai. This is because of a traincrash that happened earlier this week, that i so carefully failed to mention so nobody would worry. Haha we're fine, besides the point though. So the track between lampoong and chiangmai was still being cleared of the wreckage so as soon as we got to Lampoong we were ushered onto a bus with about 40 other farang(foreigners) and sent on a 2 hour trip to chiangmai.

The train ride was really neat, I'm glad it was at night because i'm not sure i would want to know the condition of some of the rickety bridges we crossed over. I slept peacefully and when i was woken up this morning by a guy selling orange juice (the train food was ridiculously expensive! 130 baht for a big beer... thats insane!!!) I had a hard time realizing where exactly i was.

And here i am, refreshed and showered, wellfed and playing on the internet. The boys just rented scooters and are on their way to abducting me. Til' I write again. Kisses and bugs.