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I had a root canal yesterday.. I don't know how it goes in the states, but that thing was wild! A lot of blood and bone extraction, I didn't think my jaw could do a 180 like that. Just kidding, it was painfully long, not very painful because they jabbed me with this 3 foot long needle before hand that had me feel like my face was made of puddy. :) Haha Fun times. It went well and i got pain medicine and antibiotics to treat the infection that was causing the pain.

Its pretty wild the way our day plays out. We get up and eat 3-5 times a day, speeds up the metabolism and whatnot, and spend a couple hundred baht on that, and then we play out the day just doing nothing but walking around, going to the mall or lounging in the hotel room. But at night omg (oh my god/gosh). It gets pretty wilder. We start the party at about 11-12 because thats when the bar scene gets good. We go to a pool hall called sharkys and challenge a few of the locals. Ok we all know I suck at pool, so I don't ever play but they have chang beer for cheap there. Then we go across the moat, yes a moat, and go to a club called spicys. Now in Dallas I wasn't much of a dancer, I danced but i never thought I was any good. Luckily for me none of the thai people, men or women, know how to dance! Haha it makes me look so awesome! haha. So needless to say brian and I are the best dancers on the dancefloor. So swell we are, everyone buys us drinks. Good times. So whenever we do go out we only spend another couple hundred baht. I feel at this rate I will have to get a job sooner than i thought. Haha.

The guesthouse that we are staying at is very nice and we pay 350 baht for the room or $9.50 per day. It is near some really good places to eat. There is actually an outside restaurant attached to the guest house that is very good. When we are in our lounging period I try to brush up on my thai. Here's what I got:
I'm fine. But last week I had a little bit of a toothache.
Ok so maybe I took that straight out of the book, but I did know 4 or 5 of those words. And that easily took me 10 minutes to write that one sentence. This keyboard is soooo confusing. Haha . Ok well I'm gonna go wake everyone up so we can go play! But I will blog tomorrow and maybe post pictures... who knows! Not I!!