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I went to blog and post my happy birthdays to everyone that had a birthday within the last couple of days only to find that for some reason google had stopped working. And since google bought out blogger, that meant that blogger was not working either. :( But here i am never fear all is well...

So to that Happy Birthday Kyle and Happy Birthday Phillip!

This weekend we went to a bowling alley at the mall. I was bowling fairly decently, I was actually quite surprised. But the one thing about bowling is that it does get old quickly. So after 3 games we decided it was time to go. We paid the bill went to get our shoes so we could leave when the problems started.

First the girl that is staying with us, Mook, found out that her shoes had been misplaced. Meaning they probably, upon having their bowling shoes back in their posession, gave her shoes to some one else. They weren't any fancy special shoes or anything, just brown flip flops, but for some reason the person that got the shoes decided they were worth taking. So we were ready to go and couldn't leave because the thai people couldn't work out a deal with her shoes. And then... the power goes out.. to the whole mall. The lights, backup lights, everything. We were thrown into pitch black. Eventually the generators kicked in and there was one or two lights on, but you can imagine that that is not nearly enough light for an entire bowling alley.

The thai worker decided that since we were in the mall he would just go with us to the first dept store and buy mook a pair of shoes. Good deal... unfornuately for us and that idea, the mall was closed... and still out of power. So we were stuck in the front of the mall with this thai guy who didn't know what to do, mook with no shoes and us in the dark, literally. The workers friend ends up showing up and instantly falls head over heels for mook and starts flirting. It would have been alright if it wasn't about to rain. So we were sitting there while they were all having fun and it was drizzingly. Eventually mook comes with us to the motorbikes, and when we look down at her feet, she's wearing the shoes of the workers friend. Romantically sweet that he would give her his shoes. But that was only a fleeting thought, because of mook's flirtations we now had to ride the 3 miles back to the guest house in pouring rain.

It was an eventful night to say the least.

Since then though, not so much has happened. We're desperately trying to find a place to stay and not having much luck. We'll get it straightened out, its just taking a little longer than i would like...

Til we meet again


Jenny says:
at: September 12, 2006 at 12:34 PM said...

Hey sis Im so glad to hear that you are safe and having the time of your life!!!! everything is well here... someone hit isaacs car yesterday and we came out to go to work and it was all smashed in on the back window broken and all.... that sucked and no one stuck around to fess up to it so it was a hit and run... great... but either than that everything is goin good... i miss you and i hope you send me some pictures... my email is i love you and be safe hope to hear from you soon