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The Buddhist Diet--Day One

I honestly didn't expect today to be so rough.  I can attribute most of that to not being able to smoke. As lame as that may sound to you, it just ended up putting things into a perspective for me just how much I am addicted to smoking.

I started my day around 8:30.  Got to work, had some coffee.  Realized I'm not allowed to have caffeine and promptly cried.  Around 10 I had some instant oatmeal as a snack and somewhere around noon I bought a bean burrito and fruit bowl from the handy lady that sells goods to our office building everyday.  Mid-afternoon snack consisted of a handful of wheat thins and a sprite.

Why am I telling you all this?

Only because this is my usual diet.  I don't think much is going to change unless I actually start following the meal plans.  The Buddhist Diet only knocks out those habits of mine that brought me enjoyment (no matter how small or detrimental to my health).  I did run/walk a mile and a half, which is WAY more exercise than I usually get. 

So starting tomorrow, I'm gonna kick it up a notch.  Home-made, low-calorie vegetarian cuisine for the rest of the week.  I'm also contemplating meditation and prayer, to really submerse myself into this diet.  And also I've gotta run longer, harder, and do more to really get my body Buddha worthy.

Total Calorie intake today: 1,567 (Not including dinner)
Total cups of water: 4
Any Cheating: Yup. :(


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