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Fat Flush Plan

Fat Flush Plan
Can you stand being on a calorie restricted diet with lots of diuretics?
The Fat Flush Plan has three defined parts that is purported to detoxify your body and give your metabolism an extra kick. During the three-part plan, you're supposed to flush away the extra fat in your body with a daily recommended diet that includes necessary fat like flaxseed oil, at least eight ounces of protein, veggies with antioxidants like artichokes, two eggs, some fruit and a few items from the spice rack like mustard. During Fat Flush, you'll also drink plenty of diuretics, stay active and get plenty of sleep. You’re also encouraged to keep a log of your daily activities, meals and other influencers.
Krystal says: This is going to be fun! I expect to see immediate, crazy results.  20 minutes of exercise every day this week, here I come!
• You most definitely will lose weight
• Keep journal
• Fairly balanced diet
• Promotes exercise
• Seems extreme
• Might not provide long-term results
• Caloric intake could be argued too low
Fat Flush shopping list and recipes provided in the book, The Flush Plan.
There are three parts to the plan.
First, you begin with the Two-Week Fat Flush. You'll only be consuming 1,100 calories each day. This will show results quickly.
Next, is the Ongoing Fat Flush where you'll get to consume up to 1,500 calories each day. You'll remain in part two until you've successfully met your goal.
Finally, you'll begin the final part, Lifestyle Eating Plan. You'll eat more than 1,500 calories each day and accomplish that by introducing four good carbohydrates like corn, yams and squash to your diet. You'll also have dairy and grain.
Explained in detail for the third part of the program.
Unless you have a wedding dress to fit into in a month or two, this seems to be for people who are bound to yo-yo weight issues.