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The Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet

Chocolate is a staple in this low-calorie diet.

Eat chocolate and lose weight? This must be what heaven is really like, right? In her latest book, The Chocolate Diet, British diet author and editor, Sally Ann Voak spells out a clear diet plan that allows you to stay slim and eat one of life's sweetest indulgences. Voak created this plan to break your addiction to chocolate. By breaking your addiction to this sinful treat, you can then safely incorporate it back into your regular eating plan. Or so, is the book's intention. She divides chocolate addicts into six different categories. Based upon what category you fall into, a stringent diet plan is laid out for you. Just when you think you're going to be eating chocolate-filled croissants for breakfast and a Nutella sandwich for lunch, think again. On The Chocolate Diet you will instead avoid eating chocolate altogether your first week. From then on, you'll be allowed to eat about 150 calories worth of chocolate a day. Since it is a reduced-calorie diet, just about 1,100 calories, weight loss may occur as long as you stick to the plan and exercise as often as The Chocolate Diet recommends. If followed correctly, you are expected to lose 7 pounds in one week. It also includes an exercise, meditation and massage component.
Krystal says:  This just isn't fair! Where's my chocolate, coffee, beer diet? Things I'm abstaining from this week include: Alcoholic beverages, salts, sugars, oils, oily fruits, high sugar/calorie fruits, fried foods, dairy products, red meats, nuts, junk food, caffeine, and sodas.  I'm not really complaining, just hopeful for a diet in the future that will allow me to have my coffee fix... preferably intravenously.  On a more positive note, CHOCOLATE! YAY! Can't wait to start making my shake! :) I am glad I did the fat flush plan last week as I didn't eat any chocolate and I can just jump right into this diet.  My new mountain bike will be arriving this week as well and I will enjoy adding a new element to my almost non-existent exercise routine.  BRING IT ON!

• Dark chocolate has health benefits and contains antioxidants which can help prevent a number of diseases
• Eating a forbidden food on a diet may reduce feelings of deprivation
• The Chocolate Diet educates the dieter on how chocolate can fit into an effective weight loss plan
• Incorporates exercise component

• Too much chocolate can lead to more cravings or over-consumption
• The seven pound weight loss in seven days is an unhealthy rate of weight loss
• The Chocolate Diet looks more like a sensible and balanced way of eating rather than a chocolate diet
• Very low calorie intake
• Book is out of print

The basis of The Chocolate Diet is what you'll be eating. You replace snacks with a special chocolate-based shake that can quickly be concocted in your own kitchen or your office kitchen. You'll be consuming about 1,100 calories a day and after the first two weeks, dieters can eat one low-calorie chocolate bar each day. The author believes that you must choose your chocolate wisely. That is, not opting for the king-sized Milky Way which packs 400+ calories, but rather snack-sized chocolate bars for 100 calories or less.

You are expected to exercise regularly on The Chocolate Diet. The author strongly supports nutrition and diet research that has been proven in multiple studies, showing us that weight loss comes from not just reducing the amount of calories you consume, but from exercising consistently and effectively on most days of the week. The book includes an exercise plan as well as massage techniques for you to participate.

It may sound a bit too good to be true, but The Chocolate Diet promises to help you lose weight while eating one of life's most decadent and indulgent foods - Chocolate. At closer look at this diet, it is simply a very reduced-calorie diet plan that includes a strong exercise component. Whether you're eating 1,100 calories of chocolate or steamed broccoli, and exercising a lot, you will lose weight. It's a smart eating scheme in the sense that it shows how foods like chocolate can fit into even a diet plan that will help you lose weight.
Even if you have a hard time controlling yourself around the cocoa bean, you may want to look for another less tempting diet plan.


Alyssa Aarhaus says:
at: January 25, 2010 at 10:30 AM said...

I'm eating a wee bit of fudge in honor of you right now ;)

Krystal says:
at: January 25, 2010 at 11:08 AM said...

Now don't go blaming your fudge on me. I think a certain #4 is that cause of that fudge. :)