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The Buddhist Diet--Day two and Day three

Ahhhh my legs are so sore.

Buddhist diet is going well. I've been able to stick to it, for the most part. I did break down and smoke, but It's just been way too much thrown at me all at once.  No coffee in the morning.  No beers in front of the tv.  No smoking while I'm driving... The no meat aspect doesn't even register!

As for what I've been eating, it really helps that I have such a wonderful support group.  My boyfriend made broccoli and potato soup last night and it was divine. 

I jog/walked 2.91 miles tonight and burned about 500 calories.  Did 15 minutes of Kenpo X as a warmup, burned another 140 calories.

If any miracle weightloss is gonna happen on this diet, it's going to be from the workout aspect I've thrown into it.

I'll save any other opinions for my final thoughts on Saturday.